0-14 Years 'Building Young  Minds

With the 'Developing Young Minds' service, we help families with children between 0 and 14 years to solve the problems their children face in their development

Building Parents' Skills
14-20 Years
'Builging Life Strategies'

With our 'Builging Life Strategies' service, we help families with teenages between the ages of 14 and 20 and solve the problems they encounter in their teenagers social  and psychological development

Online Consulting

With our Online Consulting Services we can support children and families wherever they are..

With our 'Building Parents Skills' service, we support our families who are expecting a baby or having a baby with our education and counseling so that they can have attachment and peaceful parenting  

Building New Life Services

With our Building New Life Services, we support children and families throughout the social and psychological adaptation period when setting up a new home in a new country 

 Therapy Camps

With our Therapy Camps Services, our families and children can come to London and have new effective therapy adventures 


Ebru is an expert therapist, who not only works with children and parents but also is and educator. She has extensive international experience gained through education and clinical work.

She is the founder of Duyusal Akademi Istanbul and Fit & Smart Kids London. Through both of these companies she helps children and their families to tackle and solve problems they face as they are developing, and also supports children and families throughout the social and psychological adaptation period when setting up a new home in a new country. 

Ebru is proud to be a catalyst in the development of children’s behaviour and happiness, and how this not only improves family life but has a positive effect on the wider community.

We Work With Families and Children to

Make Their Lives Better



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